A showcase podcast in Cincinnati, Ohio bringing you a personal hang out session with some of the amazing minds and talent the world has to offer!
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We’re here to kick back with amazing people doing amazing things, share their work and stories and show you a night of what it's like to be in the room with them as friends.

LaTEST episode—#

MillSuck! ft. Foretold Fixion

August 21, 2023

Jason stops by the studio to talk to the Foretold Fixion boys! Well, to yell at them.... Behind the scenes footage available at: Foretold Fixion website: Foretold Fixion Spotify: Foretold Fixion YouTube:

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Exposing the talent, genius and work of creators, inventors, storytellers and world changers.


What do you like, listen to, watch, do and think about when you’re not obligated to do anything?


What do you think about ‘em?

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The Millennials Suck! Podcast is the brainchild of J Lee Campbell and Dillon Foreman, starting in late 2019 as a couple of talkative friends and artists turning on the microphones in a small studio somewhere in Cincinnati, Ohio. It began as a venture to archive the deep and excited conversation between the two and hang out with fellow artists and colleagues in the local Cincinnati area.

In mid 2020, fellow hosts Christian Barrix and Dylan Hall appeared as guests and the chemistry between the four was simply too amazing not to continue for the long haul. Since then, the show has exploded into a full-blown showcase podcast, bringing you personal hang out sessions as a fly on the wall with some of the amazing talent and minds doing amazing things all over Cincinnati and across the country. 

With everything from art to aliens, dinosaurs to dad jokes, cuss words to cultured philosophical discussion, nothing is off limits, and everyone is welcome! Crack a beer, light a smoke and get ready to have some serious laughs because this is a chance to be introduced to and hang out with the movers and shakers of the world on their nights off!

And as always…

Our crew
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J Lee Campbell

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Christian Barrix

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Dillon Foreman

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Dylan Hall


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